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International Center

742-1 Higashinakano, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
192-0393 Japan

Tel:+81-42-674-2211, 2212


New Year’s Greetings from the Representative Director, Chair of the Board

I wish you very happy holidays and much success in the New Year.

Among the things I am looking forward to most during this holiday season is the Hakone Ekiden race. The Chuo University Ekiden Team won a place in this annual event again this year by winning the Tachikawa regional qualifier, and my hope is that the runners will find the best in themselves and make a spectacular showing in the race.

2019 will mark four years since Chuo University released its ten-year development plan, Chuo Vision 2025. This year the university will open two new faculties: The Faculty of Global Management and the Faculty of Global Informatics. Furthermore, our plans this year also include construction of the Global Center and the International Education Residence for the Tama Campus, as well as moving forward with the relocation of the Law Faculty to one of our downtown Tokyo campuses. Moreover, through continuing our global initiatives, promotion of sports, and further expansion of our university, we are committed to implementing our ten-year plan in order to sustain and strengthen our presence in the global arena. I ask all faculty, staff, and alumni across Japan and abroad for your cooperation and support in this endeavor.

Above all, I hope the New Year brings you great fulfilment and much success.

Masahiko Omura
Representative Director, Chair of the Board
Chuo University
January 1, 2019