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The City University of Hong Kong Fencing Team visits Chuo for joint training

For four days from January 6 to 9, 2019, the Chuo University Fencing Club (thirty members) and the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) Fencing Team (two coaches and twenty-five members) conducted joint training sessions at the Gymnasium No. 1 Arena on the Tama Campus.

Chuo and CityU signed a partnership agreement in 2013, and since then cooperation between the two universities has grown broader and closer through student exchanges and student study programs. The fencing team joint-training visit was proposed by CityU, and organized by Chuo’s International Center, Office of the Association of Student Clubs, and Fencing Club. The result was a tremendously valuable experience for both sides, and we look forward to developing further joint events for our student clubs and teams.

An Invaluable Four Days

Joint training started from the evening of January 6 when the CityU fencers arrived, and the two teams held numerous practice matches at the Arena across the four days.

About fifty players divided into epee, saber, and foil teams, to get hands-on practice. While fencing swords vary in speed and weight from country to country, fencing rules are universal. Irrespective of differences in language and culture and united by their common sport, the fencers from both sides engaged in rigorous sparring sessions.

During the four days of training, fencers from the two teams could often be seen exchanging tips and advice, and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. The four days were highly productive, and we are certain that they will help members of both teams to raise their sparring abilities.

A fun closing party with promises of a reunion

Students communicated in English, enjoying the last night
The teams held a final closing party on January 9, the last day of joint training, at G Square in the Hilltop '78 Building.

As the fencers prepared to return to their regular student lives, there was much joy and laughter at the closing party. They enjoyed the party by talking about everything from fencing to the cultures of both countries, and seemed reluctant to leave as they traded contact information at the end of the party. Following speeches from the manager, coach, and captain of each team, the students exchanged souvenirs, and promised to meet again.

Spending four days together, the students deepened their teams’ international relationship through fencing. We look forward to seeing how this exchange has contributed to the personal growth and future promise of each student as well as to developing further opportunities for exchange between our two university teams.
<Memorable words from the speeches>
Mr. Wu Siu Cheung, CityU Fencing Team Coach

“We are truly grateful to have such a positive relationship with the Chuo University Fencing Club. We are looking forward to seeing you at CityU. We will extend our very best hospitality to you.”

Mr. Takashi Tomita, Chuo University Fencing Club Manager
“I believe that this exchange will lead to the further progress of the students’ athletic levels and will help them after graduation when working in the global arena. I hope to see them develop immensely not only as university students but also as athletes as they look back on this experience.”

Ms. Chan Man Lok Water, CityU Fencing Team Captain 
“We learned so much through training with members of the top-class Chuo University Fencing Club. We will apply what we have learned from the joint training to the future to become a stronger team.”

Mr. Yuto Watanabe, Chuo University Fencing Club Captain (Faculty of Commerce, 3rd year)
“I was amazed by the cohesiveness among CityU team members as well as their communication skills, which I felt are not as developed in our team. I hope to build a team as cohesive as the CityU team and further hone our abilities.”
From right, Coach Tomita of the Chuo
University Fencing Club with Ms. Ruri
Kokubu (4th-year student, Faculty of Science and Engineering) who served as an
interpreter for four days
Former manager Takahashi of the Chuo
University Fencing Club giving a toast -
Nice working with you guys!
We had a good time training!
Let’s take some selfies, ladies!
Lively party talk!
From right, Coach Wu Siu Cheung of the
CityU Fencing Team, Manager Takashi
Tomita of the Chuo University Fencing Club, and Coach Luk Wai Lung of the CityU
Fencing Team
Commemorative gifts from the CityU
Fencing Team
The team captains exchanging souvenirs.
From right, Ms. Chan Man Lok Water, and
Mr. Yuto Watanabe