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Chuo’s President offers a lecture at Renmin University of China

On December 12, 2018, Chuo University’s President, Tadahiko Fukuhara visited Renmin University of China, to give a lecture to students of the university.

The themes of the lecture were based on President Fukuhara’s area of specialization; virtual currencies in Japan and China, and e-commerce business, and following the lecture, President Fukuhara welcomed questions from the students. A number of questions and ideas were raised by the students and a lively discussion followed.

Assistant Professor Mao Zhiqi of Chuo University’s Research and Development Initiative, who served as an interpreter for the lecture, belongs to Chuo University's Research Unit for Legal Engineering for Supporting Lawmakers and Interpreters, where President Fukuhara serves as a unit director, and is also a graduate of Renmin University of China.

Chuo University has been actively promoting exchange with Renmin University of China since 2003, when a partnership agreement was signed between the two institutions. There are tremendous hopes that the visit will help to promote exchange between the two universities.