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Director of Athletics of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Visits the Tama Campus


Patrick Guillen, Director of Athletics at the University of Hawaiʻi, Hilo, made a friendly courtesy visit to Chuo’s Tama Campus on June 24th, to meet with Koji Ikeda, Assistant Executive Managing Director of Career Design Support Center Office and Coach of the Chuo Semi-hardball Baseball Team.

Chuo’s Semi-hardball Baseball Team visited UH Hilo in February 2017 for exhibition games against the Hilo Vulcans and is scheduled to make a second visit again in March next year, to further promote cultural exchange with local students.

Mr. Guillen was amazed by the greenery and expanse of the Tama Campus, and was even more impressed by the peaceful atmosphere created by the students, faculty and staff of Chuo University.

He recalled that when the Chuo baseball team last played in Hawai’i, the crowds were fascinated by the courtesy of the Chuo players, who attracted even more fans than the local team.
He is looking forward to the Chuo team’s next visit and the opportunity to share the Aloha spirit once again when the two teams meet at UH Hilo.

Chuo Baseball Team Plays in Hawaii, Impresses Locals by Wiping Down the Benches