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New Year’s Greetings from the Representative Director, Chair of the Board

I wish you very happy holidays and much success in the New Year.

Last year saw various athletic teams achieving outstanding results, such as winning the championships at the national level. Furthermore, this year I hope the Ekiden team will give their best efforts toward an excellent performance in the 2020 Hakone Ekiden race.

2020 will be the fifth year since Chuo University released its ten-year development plan, Chuo Vision 2025. Last year we successfully opened the Faculty of Global Management and the Faculty of Global Informatics that attracted over 6,000 applicants each despite the faculties’ small size.

In addition, this year the Global Center and the International Education Residence will be completed, and construction of the Faculty Commons will begin. We will proceed further with plans to relocate the Faculty of Law in downtown Tokyo, focusing on a newly-acquired location in Bunkyo-ku, close to Myogadani Station on the Marunouchi Line. 

Our plans also include replacing the Surugadai Centennial Hall with a high-rise that will become the new home of the Chuo Law School and the Chuo Business School, while securing enough space for the Alumni Association and related offices to ensure that Chuo alumni will have a new activity hub in Tokyo.

On a different note, this year Japan will host the Summer Olympic Games, and Chuo University aims to have at least 20 athletes participate in the games.

In addition to these highlights of the progress we are making with our development plan, I believe our everyday efforts to improve the level and the quality of our research and education, as well as initiatives to facilitate Industry-Academia-Government cooperation and foster university-alumni cooperation, are key to our success in further strengthening our global presence.

I will make every effort to contribute to this endeavor, and I ask all faculty, staff, and alumni across Japan and abroad for your cooperation and support.

Above all, I hope the New Year brings you great fulfillment and much success.

Masahiko Omura
Representative Director, Chair of the Board
Chuo University
January 1, 2020