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For Students and Faculty members who cannot enter Japan due to the recent COVID-19 epidemic protection measures (2020/3/9)


(1) People who have, within the previous two weeks, been in countries / provinces with a Japanese Government Travel Alert Level 3 (Avoid all travel) cannot enter Japan. Currently these areas include Hubei, Wenzhou, and Zhejiang Province in China, Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province in South Korea, certain areas of Iran, and Lombardy Region in Italy. Affected students and faculty members should wait until this restriction has been lifted before trying to enter Japan.

Details of Japanese Travel Alert Levels may be found in the following website:

(2) People from China and South Korea who seek entry between March 9 and 31 will be detained for up to two weeks. However, specific details of detention measures are still unknown. Therefore, we suggest that those students and faculty members from China and South Korea who are affected by this policy wait before attempting to enter Japan.

(3) People who have, within the previous two weeks, been in countries/provinces with a Japanese Government Travel Alert Level 2 (Avoid Non-essential Travel) shall take a two-week, self-observation period in Japan before entering normal daily life. During the self-observation period, students should check their body temperature twice a day, stay in their rooms, wear masks and avoid all unnecessary activity outside of their rooms, and keep track of their daily movements.
The health and safety of our students are our top priorities. We are also ready and willing to take steps necessary to support students who cannot start the new academic year 2020.

In addition, entry visas which have already been issued for students from China and South Korea will be invalid from March 9 to 31. These visas may become valid when the above protection measures are lifted. Therefore, please wait until further notice.

If you have any additional questions regarding our current response, please contact our International Center.

You will find our latest updates on the Chuo University website: