【Important】To current students and new students: Visiting Chuo Campuses before April 21 (Tue) (reduced hours/closed)

To current students and new students:

* Except for Professional Graduate School students


In consideration of the social situation of COVID-19, and in order to minimize the spread of infection, Faculty offices and each section at Chuo will be closed or have reduced hours from March 4 (Wed). This measure will continue until April 21 (Tue). Before you visit campuses, please check the Chuo website for the office hours of each section.


In order to minimize the domestic spread of infection and to prevent a rapid increase of patients, so called “overshoot,” it is now very important to prevent small groups of infected individuals (clusters) from creating new clusters, which then become a larger cluster or a chain of transmission.


Except for attending or participating in events, guidance, or research guidance held by Chuo, as a general rule, avoid visiting campuses for non-essential reasons. If you visit campuses, please ensure to implement basic anti-infection measures, such as hand washing and cough etiquette to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.


In addition, please make your stay on campus as short as possible and avoid spending time in buildings and in spaces with poor ventilation or where people gather in close quarters.

* For Professional Graduate School students, academic calendars are different. Please follow the information from the affiliated office.