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​【as of May 28】Guidelines for Chuo University Students Regarding the Spread of Coronavirus (Update 4)

Guidelines for Chuo University Students Regarding the Spread of Coronavirus
(Update 4)
Chuo University

 In response to the lifting of the declaration of a state of emergency for the new coronavirus in accordance with Article 32, Act on Special Measures for Pandemic Influenza and New Infectious Diseases Preparedness and Response, we have revised the “Guidelines for Chuo University students regarding the spread of the coronavirus infection (update 3)” issued on May 15 as follows.

 Chuo University has already implemented various measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and we are very sorry that, at the moment, students are still unable to make full use of our educational and research environment, and unable to engage sufficiently in activities such as studies, cultural activities, arts, sports, and volunteer activities. All students should proceed with their studies at home while paying close attention to maintaining their health and checking online notices from the University. All faculty members and staff of Chuo University sincerely wish for the continuing safety of all students and their families.

 As a general rule, classes and examinations will be held online throughout the first semester of 2020 and after the state of emergency has been lifted. In light of the necessity for preventing the occurrence of close contact on crowded public transportation and commuting to school across city boundaries, we will continue to carry out entry prohibitions and limitations on the use of campus facilities.

 However, after June 1 (Mon), depending on the situation, we may gradually ease the entry restriction and limitations on use of campuses. Because of the characteristics of the organizations and facilities on each campus, specific permission will be required for entering the campuses or using facilities. After receiving permission, students will be allowed to enter the campuses or use the facilities within that specific permission. Please see here for activities that require application for entrance permission.

○ Notifications from Chuo University

 Notifications and reminders will be made on the Chuo University website or C-plus. Please check these regularly. Chuo will also send out notices in English from time to time.

○ Office Contact

 Except for responses related to entry permission, face-to-face consultations are not available due to the ongoing entry restrictions. Please use the inquiry form of the relevant section that can be found on Chuo’s official website 【inquiry】 or 【inquiry form in English】.
Also please note that it may take time to receive a reply, depending on the inquiry, and phone inquiries are not accepted.