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【June 18, 2020】Dear Students of Chuo University Vol.2

Dear Students of Chuo University



Our lives have been changed extremely by COVID-19 (Corona virus). You may feel stressed a lot, which is very natural in this situation. You may also think or do something different than usual. These are the following examples.

・You may not be able to concentrate on studying.
・You may blame yourself or lose your confidence as you do not spend your time effectively.
・You may be worried whether you can graduate from the University.
・You may be worried about something repeatedly even if you try to stop it.
・You may be irritated by trifles or even no reason.
・You often may be worried whether you will die or are infected by corona virus when you do not feel good.
・You may compulsively wash your hands or clean up your room in order not to be infected by corona virus.
・You may be worried whether you can build good relationship with other people.
・You feel alone, which you had never felt.

When you do things or think unusually, you may think you have changed, which worried about you but this kind of change is highly possibly temporary. Please do not worry. When you return to normal life this thought or behavior will disappear generally.

Thing is this situation would take more than a few months. What should we do if you feel you changed? It is said that doing something for a change is effective. You can read a book, do indoor exercise, watch a film, or cook for a change. It may be a good opportunity to search for a hobby. It is said that “Talking to someone”is very effective even if you make small talk. It is good to keep contact your friends and family regularly.

The Student Counselling Centre opens. Please do not hesitate to contact us even if you do not have any serious matter and just want to talk to someone. It may be a good opportunity for you to talk to someone.


Jun. 18 2020

Counselor  in Tama Campus

Takahiro Hashimoto