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【July 16, 2020】Classes in the 2nd Semester (Fall Semester)

July 16, 2020

To all students
Classes in the 2nd Semester (Fall Semester)
Tadahiko Fukuhara
 President, Chuo University

As a general rule, we will continue to hold remote online classes during the second semester (fall semester), but face-to-face classes will be held at the school under certain conditions.
The way face-to-face classes are conducted will vary according to the faculty, but we plan to make provisions for students who have difficulty traveling to school so they are not disadvantaged.
This policy applies to undergraduate faculties. For graduate schools (including professional graduate schools), necessary adjustments may be made in consideration of the characteristics of each educational and research environment.
As soon as they are decided, details about courses that will be conducted with face-to-face classes will be announced via C plus etc. by each faculty, so please be sure to check notices from the university even during the summer vacation period.