【September 23, 2020】Chuo University Institute of Cultural Sciences concludes Agreement of Cooperation with Cambridge Language Sciences Interdisciplinary Research Centre

University of Cambridge photo by Cajeo Zhang on Unsplash
The Chuo University Institute of Cultural Sciences (hereinafter ICS) has concluded an inter-institutional agreement with Cambridge Language Sciences, an Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge (hereinafter CLS), the very first research institution in Japan to do so.

To further facilitate research exchange and collaboration across countries and disciplines by engaging in activities such as joint research and academic networking for the purpose of cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing.

■Areas of cooperation  
a. Exchange of academic staff from CLS and researchers from ICS
b. Exchange of graduate students from CLS and associate researchers from ICS
c. Joint research projects
d. Joint conferences
e. Joint cultural programs

Cambridge Language Sciences Interdisciplinary Research Centre, University of Cambridge

The Interdisciplinary Research Centre Cambridge Language Sciences is located in the city of Cambridge, UK. It was established in July, 2011 as part of the Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI) of the University of Cambridge and has since been promoting collaborative research across faculties and academic areas. Highly evaluated for its performance, it was accredited as an Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) of the University of Cambridge in October, 2017, and continues in its growth to this day as one of a select group of University-wide Interdisciplinary Research Centres at Cambridge.  

CLS performs its role cultivating and sustaining researchers as an interdisciplinary unit, by promoting dialogue between language scientists of all disciplines, to stimulate innovative thinking and to catalyse the formation of new interdisciplinary partnerships for novel research and creative teaching. Approximately 250 researchers belong to CLS with diverse research interests from Humanities and Social Sciences to Biochemistry, Medicine, Computer Science, and Science and Engineering. In order to address the challenges of large-scale multi-disciplinary research relating to language, CLS builds and maintains a network for collaboration with researchers from the University of Cambridge and other leading research institutions around the world in order to further strengthen collaboration and knowledge transfer across a range of disciplines.