Prof. Iio’s Research Paper published in International Journal of Web Information Systems

Prof. Jun Iio, Faculty of Global Informatics
On Oct 26, 2020, a research paper titled “Dialogbook: a proposal for simple e-portfolio system for international communication learning” by Professor Jun Iio of the Faculty of Global Informatics (co-authored by Professor Shigenori Wakabayashi of the Faculty of Letters) was published in International Journal of Web Information Systems.
International Journal of Web Information Systems is an international academic journal covering the field of web information system.

Professor Iio and Professor Wakabayashi are running a project to help high school students with cross-cultural exchange and English learning by connecting Japanese and overseas high schools online and giving students opportunities to converse in English. In this project, Professor Iio developed a simple e-portfolio system “Dialogbook”, which is useful for recording and reviewing students’ learning progress. “Dialogbook” not only facilitates and records communication between teachers and students, but can also visualize students’ learning progress by setting a simple rubric (a scoring guide used to evaluate the level of students’ accomplishment).
This paper explains the tendencies of self-scoring by "Dialogbook" users and the efficiency of the system.