Henry Osborn, Partner & Representative Director of Osborn & Mori Partners, visits Special Seminar of Associate Professor Tsuyoshi Kimura, Faculty of Global Management


Mr. Osborn and Associate Professor Kimura are currently conducting a survey on the experiences of top executives at foreign companies in Japan. Based on the research results, an online workshop titled “The pathway to become a top talent on the radar of global executive search firms” was held on Dec 12, 2020, organized by students of Kimura’s seminar. Later, on Jan 14, 2021, discussions were held on themes raised by the students.
The Students had many questions for Mr. Osborn, with diverse topics ranging from business related themes, such as how to choose industries or companies, how to choose partners when starting a business, and how to better incorporate different cultures, to non-business topics, such as how to find a good mentor and what kind of experiences are worth acquiring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In feedback on the discussions the students offered various comments, including, “Together with the opportunity to look back on what I learned at the seminar, the discussions helped deepen my understanding,” “I would now like to choose my job in terms of what kind of experience I can gain from that position,” “I would like to have more time reflecting on myself so that I can find what I really want to do in my life,” “I would like to take on challenges in various fields while I can, so that I can better understand diverse perspectives,” and “I had a great experience talking directly to a business person. This kind of experience motivates me a great deal, so I would be very happy if there are similar chances on a regular basis in the future.”

The Faculty of Global Management continues to provide students with opportunities to have discussions with business experts active on the front lines, with the aim of cultivating global leaders through efforts to encourage students’ spirit of inquiry and broaden their perspectives.