Class Format in AY 2021 First Semester (Spring Semester) in Response to the Quasi-state of Emergency


Class Format in AY 2021 First Semester (Spring Semester)
in Response to the Quasi-state of Emergency

President, Chuo University

To all students,

The new university term is set to begin in April. A great number of students will be gathering at each of our campuses, during which time we will be making efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I’m very happy that we can restart our educational and research activities with a fresh format that is adapted to the new normal.

The numbers of the newly infected are rising throughout Japan. On Monday April 12, a quasi-state of emergency came into effect for Tokyo, which is where Chou University is located. The University announced to all students that we shall “further improve the quality of our teaching and ensure effective educational outcomes by conducting an appropriate combination of distance learning and face-to-face classes,” and that “as far as possible, we shall endeavor to secure and increase opportunities for human exchange between faculty members and students” in a press release explaining our policy for classes in AY2021. There are no changes to this policy at the present point, and we plan to continue conducting all types of classes while thoroughly taking measures to prevent infection.

Going forward, if the numbers of the newly infected in Tokyo drastically increase or there are warning signs of a rapid spread of the infection, we will take appropriate action such as by switching to a higher percentage of classes taught through distance learning (online). Should that happen, the University will provide our students with an updated announcement.

Unfortunately, we are unable to completely alleviate concerns regarding COVID-19 infection in a variety of settings. I again ask all students enrolled in the upcoming semester to avoid becoming infected and also to take actions to avoid possibly infecting others in such ways as promptly leaving the University after classes are over. Above all else, I hope that everyone will remain healthy throughout their campus life at Chuo University.