ISE Graduation Research Presentation in Russian, Japanese and English

The graduation research of Ms. Delengova Zoia, an international student from Russia who graduated from the Department of Information and System Engineering (ISE) in 2020, is now available on the department’s YouTube channel “Chuo University ISE” in three languages: Russian, Japanese, and English.

The research “Comparison of three languages using three types of semantic similarities” quantitatively compares and analyzes the three languages in machine translation, by observing semantic similarities depending on the topic and the source language.

AY2020 ISE graduation research presentation was conducted online due to a declared state of emergency. Ms. Zoia gave her presentation in fluent Japanese which she had acquired during her four years as an undergraduate student at Chuo University. In addition, she made Russian and English version videos of her research presentation. Since multi-lingual presentations in Russian, Japanese and English are very unique, we have made them available on YouTube.
The Department of Information and System Engineering has always welcomed excellent international students from various countries. Both international and domestic students are actively encouraged to participate in overseas activities and to make international presentations, and the students have been successful in various fields surrounding information engineering.

In AY2021, we have an even more complete structure with faculty members from overseas joining in. The curriculum of the Department of Information and System Engineering provides a complete set of foundation for research and development of the real AI.

For more information regarding ISE, please visit the site of “Chuo University ISE”