GLOMAC: Job hunting support seminar for international students

On April 19, 2021, the Faculty of Global Management held a job hunting support seminar for international students. The seminar was open to all undergraduate and graduate students, inviting Mr. NP. Kandel, the president of UNIBIRD Inc., as a guest.
The seminar was held with an objective of helping international students 1) to obtain information and knowledge necessary when considering their careers in Japan, and 2) to eliminate their anxiety about job hunting and to make their activities meaningful, and covered the following topics.
* What it means to work for a Japanese company
* The current situation of employment by Japanese Companies
* What to prepare to get a job in a Japanese company
* Job hunting schedule in Japan
* What happens to job hunting during and after the COVID-19 pandemic
This seminar was planned by the Faculty of Global Management, which has a large number of international students enrolled in the program, and through collaboration with the International Center and the Career Design Support Center Office, it was widely announced to all departments and graduate schools.
The event was held in a hybrid format and many students participated online.
Comments from the students who participated include "I found the seminar very helpful because a general explanation was given regarding problems I will likely to encounter when looking for a job in Japan, and what kind of activities are useful based on that." and "I learned what to focus on and what to prepare now.".
The Faculty of Global Management will continue to provide career education for students at various opportunities.