【Important】Class Format in AY 2021 First Semester (Spring Semester) in Response to Japan’s Third State of Emergency


Class Format in AY 2021 First Semester (Spring Semester)
Response to Japan’s Third State of Emergency

President, Chuo University

To all students,

Recently, the government of Japan has decided to announce a state of emergency for the period of Sunday, April 25 to Tuesday, May 11, for the entire Tokyo metropolitan area, which is where Chou University is located. At the same time, the regional government of Tokyo has made requests for measures related to the state of emergency.

Chuo University’s basic approach is to respond while placing priority on the health and safety of all those involved with our University, particularly our students, and provide classes through an effective combination of distance learning and face-to-face classes. However, we shall respond to the new state of emergency in the following manner regarding classes taught during the emergency period.

We ask for the understanding of all students regarding the urgency and necessity of such measures, and for cooperation with taking classes in the prescribed manner until the declaration of emergency is lifted.

     Response Guideline
     We will fully cooperate with the government’s policy of lowering foot traffic from the point of view of preventing
     the spread of  COVID-19 in the following manner.
     Therefore, for lessons which can be attended through distance learning, we recommend attending classes
     online until the declaration of emergency is lifted.
     For more information about how classes will be held, your department / graduate course will provide notifications
     through C plus, manaba, or other channels, so please check for any announcements.

These measures are being taken to prevent the spread of infection on each campus of the University and the nearby area and to temporarily reduce foot traffic. They do not change the University’s policy for carrying out lessons.

There may be students who will need to come to the campus during this period for lessons, and in such case I again ask that you thoroughly follow infection prevention behavior and act with adequate awareness of your health.