Prof. Ota of Faulty of Letters joins Romania-Japan joint photo haiku album


Professor Miwa Ota joined the photo haiku album, 44 Twin Steps Constanta-Yokohama 1977-2021, edited by Yusuke Miyake and Taner Murat et al., Anticus Press, 2021 which celebrates 44 years of twin city partnership between Constanta, Romania and Yokohama, Japan.

This album consists of 88 haiku and photos by 18 poets from Romania and 7 poets from Japan. The poems are made in Romanian and Japanese, and translated in Romanian, Japanese, Tatar, and English.

The first plan of a joint exhibition and publishing of a photo haiku album is announced here:

On April 18, 2021, the poets from Romania and Japan met at ZOOM to talk about tradition and innovation of haiku by Matsuo Basho, the modernization of haiga or simple paintings which accompany and interact with haiku as photo haiku album, and appreciate exquisite collaboration between Romanian and Japanese haiku and photos.

This album can be purchased at Amazon. Search by "twin yokohama constanta" and you can get to the page of the book.
It will soon be available at the Chuo University Library. Hopefully this album can provide some useful hints for new forms of international exchange during the time when travelling is difficult.

Professor Ota's comment on the photo Haiku album is cited here:

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