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Liaison and IP Management Office

The Chuo University Liaison and Intellectual Property Management Office (CLIP) was established in 2005 with the aim of returning knowledge to society and advancing research. CLIP acts as a gateway linking the University and society, and has the six tasks described below.

CLIP’s Tasks

1.To serve as a point of contact and provide one-stop service to meet the research needs of society
2.To plan strategies regarding industry-academia-government collaboration and intellectual property involving Chuo University
3.To collaborate with Research and Development Initiative, as well as Research Institutes at the University, to share information about the needs of society
4.To integrate the management of intellectual properties created by the teaching staff or other personnel of Chuo University
5.To effectively return the benefits of Chuo University’s intellectual properties to society
6.To utilize the results obtained from CLIP’s activities in future research efforts or intellectual property education
Chuo University has established the Policy for Intellectual Properties of Chuo University regarding the fundamental approach of the University to intellectual properties, as well as regarding its intention to actively pursue university-wide participation in industry-academia-government collaboration activities. Following this Policy, CLIP will respond promptly and flexibly to the needs of society.
Please feel free to make inquiries directly to CLIP regarding technical consultations, joint or commissioned research.


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