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Private University Research Branding Project

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Comparative Law Culture Project

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The purpose of this project is to comprehensively analyze the diversity of legal systems in Asia-Pacific region, to enable them to co-exist in a coordinated manner and to propose a way to achieve convergence thereof, taking particular note of the fact that Asia-Pacific region involves different legal cultures and traditions, where at the same time the region is one of the biggest economic development sectors in the world. We aim to contribute to this research area as a legal information center of laws of Japan, Asia and the world utilizing the comparative law database produced from this project.

Disaster Adaptation Science Platform Development Project

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Based on the vision of promoting specialized and interdisciplinary studies to contribute toward a solution of various complex problems on a global scale, we proceed with research activity based on prevention and mitigation of water disaster, and we aim to develop a brand called “Chuo University as an Academic Research Hub for Disaster Prevention.” With the construction of coastal disaster prevention platform as the core in which data on evacuation behavior during disaster, vulnerability in protective structures, and urban design are accumulated, we share our research achievements with the society.