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International Residence

Chuo University opened its International Residence in Hino, Tokyo in 2011, as part of the University’s efforts to promote internationalization. Not only new students but also already-enrolled students, privately funded international students, and international exchange students live together in an international residence with a total of 62 private rooms and communal living spaces, where they communicate with one another and develop international perspectives. In addition, an international exchange residence with 94 all-in-one private rooms was opened in 2012. Both residences have a resident manager, are designed for students to cook for themselves, provide an environment that enables students to support each other.
Shared Kitchen and Dining Facilities

The residence has a communal kitchen with the latest IH cookware, dishes and fridges. Computers, televisions and DVD players are available for shared use as well.
The shared dining room can be used for meetings and dinners of up to 20 people.
There are shower rooms and laundry facilities (washing machines and dryers), as well as individual postboxes located nearby where students can collect their mail.

With a resident house manager, students can feel safe and at home.

Private Rooms

The residence has a total of 64 private rooms arranged in suites of three rooms each. Rooms are equipped with small fridges, beds, desks, lighting, air conditioners, and internet access. For safety and enhanced privacy, each student has an electronic card-key for his or her own room. Through windows in each room, you can enjoy views of the surrounding lush greenery and live comfortably. Each suite is furnished with a toilet, shoe cupboard, and storage space.

There is a wide wooden deck in front of the residence where students can use the space freely.

The International Residence
Building name UR Tamadaira-no-mori Bldg. #244 (known as Riento Tamadaira Bldg. #244). (Japanese Only)
“Riento Tamadaira” comprises two buildings owned by the landlord, ReBITA company.
Address 3-1-8,Tamadaira, Hino City, Tokyo
Access 10-minute walk from Toyoda Station on the JR Chuo Line
Number of rooms 22 suites (a total of 64 private rooms)
Structure of building Four-story, reinforced concrete
Rent 50,000 yen (monthly)
Communal charge 10,000 yen per month (Covers shared utilities, electricity, Internet, and maintenance fees)
Deposit 60,000 yen (at the time of renting the room only)
Other charges None
Contract period One year - Students extend their contract up to one year with the university’s approval.
Shared facilities Lounges, kitchens, shower stalls (no tubs), laundry rooms (washers & dryers), toilets
Shared equipment IH cooking appliances, cookware (rice cookers, microwaves, etc), fridges, TVs, dishes, etc.
Room types Each suite has two or three private rooms (each room is equipped with a toilet and other facilities)
Each private room (8.87 to 9.98 m²) is equipped with an air conditioner, storage space, a bed, desk, chair and fridge)
Electricity All appliances are electric
Gas None
Parking space Parking is free for one car
Location (access)

From International Residence to Chuo University:
15 minutes by bus: Take a bus bound for “Tama center” from JR Toyoda Station (bus stop No. 4) and get off at “Chuo Daigaku Nishmon”. One-way fare: 230 yen
30 minutes by car
50 minutes on foot: note that there is a rapid road on the way

Please see the ReBITA’s website for more information. (Japanese Only)


Please contact us at the International Center for further information.

   TEL: 042-674-2211
   FAX: 042-674-2214