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International Center

742-1 Higashinakano, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
192-0393 Japan

Tel:+81-42-674-2211, 2212
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For Prospective Students

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On Exchange

Chuo University takes an active part in a wide range of programs encouraging the exchange students and researchers with education and research institutions in other countries.

Degree-seeking Students

Chuo University accepts overseas students from countries all over the world who want to study at a Japanese University.
About partner universities, please check the following pages.

Win Scholarships

Students can obtain funding through a Chuo University Scholarship and other fellowships.
* Please note that Chuo University scholarships cannot cover all expenses for study in Japan. Chuo University scholarships will be available only after admission to Chuo University.

Student Life at Chuo University

International Residences

Chuo University's International Residences provide places where students can develop an international perspective through communication with all types of individuals.

Campus Facilities

Chuo University provides highly equipped facilities to meet a whole host of educational, research, and sports needs. There are many dining facilities and a Co-op on the campus for students to maintain a healthy and satisfying school life.

Events and Activities

Chuo University offers various events and programs promoting international and intercultural exchanges.
Chuo University offers a wide range of student clubs that provide options for students in the areas of learning, culture, and sport.

Visit Chuo University

Chuo University has four campuses in Tokyo.

Tama Campus

  • Faculty of Law, Graduate School of Law
  • Faculty of Economics, Graduate School of Economics
  • Faculty of Commerce, Graduate School of Commerce
  • Faculty of Letters, Graduate School of Letters
  • Faculty of Policy Studies, Graduate School of Policy Studies
  • Faculty of Global Management

For information on how to access Tama Campus, please visit the following page.

Ichigaya Campus

  • Law School (Chuo Law School)

For information on how to access Ichigaya Campus, please visit the following page.

Ichigaya Tamachi Campus

  • Faculty of Global Informatics

For information on how to access Ichigaya Tamachi Campus, please visit the following page.

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