Research Unit on Future Environmental Industry Initiatives



The enhancement of recycle-oriented industry, hereinafter defined as NEWASTE Business or Resources from Waste, becomes serious and critical issues from the view of securing food and renewable energy on the long run under explosive population growth in the world. In this unit, we focus on the innovative Subcritical Water Technology, which enables high-speed hydrolysis coupled with high-temperature/pressure (around 200/20 ATM) steam injection, and conduct feasibility study toward the NEWASTE Business creation. In addition, we intend to evaluate the capability of this technology to realize river-basin-based sustainable development in the future. ___ Our specific research topics are quite holistic as follows: (1) functional compost production, (2) high-efficiency methane fermentation, (3) high-quality wood-based cattle feed production, (4) nano-cellulose fiber refinery and further (5) decontamination of hazardous waste polluted by dioxin and heavy metals, etc.