Unit on Adaptation to Climate Change



Mongolia urgently requires the design and proposal of a highly efficient low carbon system tailored to its own actual circumstances in order to address the range of issues arising from developments such as climate change, overgrazing, and the increasing population flow into cities.
  Through this project we designed a meat freezer storage system based on renewable energy and other innovative technologies to serve as a low carbon system capable of preserving the grassland environment and perpetuating the stock farming economy. We collaborated with the National University of Mongolia and the other research institutes involved to install the system in Mongolia. To verify that the system is operating effectively and gain a quantitative understanding of the extent to which its installation curbs greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and preserves the environment, we intend to determine the system
fs effects through observation conducted on-site and via satellite, among other means.
  In addition, we will undertake field studies, prepare fundamental data including social and economic data, and conduct social and economic analyses to verify the overall social and economic effects of the system on Mongolian society. We will collaborate closely with Mongolian organizations including governmental agencies and research institutes to conduct such studies and lay the foundations for a framework to enable the social implementation of the system.